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The Paige Memorial Library is committed to providing current materials for all ages, both fiction and nonfiction, in various formats, for the enjoyment and educational enrichment of our community. We will continue to update our technological resources promoting both remote and onsite access to the statewide databases. In an effort to reach all residents of Hardwick, the library will offer easy access through outreach programs, promote family activities, and foster an appreciationof books.

Katherine Hand, Director
Celeste Plumadore, Assistant
Darcy Lohr, Assistant
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Job Search & Resume
Writing Workshop
for TEENS at the
Hardwick Youth Center
179 Main Street
Gilbertville, MA

Wednesday, April 30
  6:00pm - 8:00pm

It's almost summer!  The Hardwick Youth Center &     Paige Memorial Library are here to help you gain the     skills you need to land the job of your dreams.  Join us
for this hands-on workshop, where you will learn how to  find the job you want, how to write a resume, what to
expect during a job interview, and much more!

For more information please contact
Paige Memorial Library @ 413-477-6704.
Please keep us in mind when looking for a new home for your "already watched" DVD's. The library is always looking to enhance our collection.
Hardwick Grows
Healthy Orchard Workshop

Tuesday, May 6th
5:00 pm

at Paige Memorial Library

Join Roberta McQuaid at the Paige Memorial Library to learn about the bugs that invade orchards and how to thwart their efforts to destroy your fruit. We will also discuss orchard hygiene and the important role it plays in disease management. Roberta will have pheromone traps on hand for gardeners to examine.

Sponsored by the Hardwick/New Braintree Local Cultural Council.


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